Are you a Bully?

This video’s title is called “The price of shame” and it caught my eye because of the recent #MeToo discussions in the news. This Ted talk is by Monica Lewinsky. She explains her experiences in this 22 minutes made me stop and think about the language that I use and how it may affect people.

Re-Inker Storage

Learned a great idea for quickly identifying your re-inkers! I store my re-inkers in an Ikea Alex drawer unit and found it was not easy to see the color names, so this idea let’s me see the color on the tab of the bottles!

At the Mercy of your Emotions?

Recently watched this video about emotions. I work with a wonderful team of people for a large company in Columbus Ohio and we are setup for our project using a Scrum framework. It works well because we have worked to trust and accept feedback. However, when team dynamics change, there is a needs for adjustments. This time it involved emotions. I found this video very helpful and insightful.