Top 10-Blogging Steps

Looking back on my journey of blogging, since early 2008, I have put together some tips to assist with your journey. Technology has made blogging much easier and now videos are so popular, so it’s quick to share information. Remember to start our small, there are so many pieces, it can be overwhelming!

These are in the order that I recommend tackling. And it takes years, give yourself time to learn and grow. Baby steps! You will look back over time and be amazed, I promise.

If you are just getting started sharing your story online, here’s my top 10 suggestions to go from hobby to a successful business … Continue reading “Top 10-Blogging Steps”

Making Videos

Someone gave me really good advice for making videos — just do it. If you wait until you know everything, you’ll never get around to doing it. I started simply and have gotten better and learned along the way.

The picture shown is my current setup. I was previous using a tripod to hold my phone to record. Now I’ve switched to using a camera stand from Arkon. Search for ” Hd8RV29“, but they have many options. Continue reading “Making Videos”