Craftroom Tour 2018

Welcome to my craftroom. I recently got back from a crop and after I put everything away, I thought I’d make a quick video. I love to rearrange so that the room works for my current needs. And I love to see what it looked like over time!  Here’s a link to 2017.

Here’s what is looks like lately! Hope it gives you lots of storage ideas.

Craftroom Organizing


Are you feeling overwhelmed when you enter your craft area? Here’s some tips to help think about the problem, and realize your goals.

Many folks want to jump straight into the decorating, but I suggest otherwise. Let’s put a plan together so we avoid re-work and unnecessary expenses.

Getting Started

What is the current layout of your area? The crafts that you like to do should dictate the sections to focus on. Make a list of those categories — sewing, stamping, scrapbooking, photography, etc.

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Organizing Finances

Keeping your finances organized is very beneficial. We are not taught how to keep this very important information together. And with everything being electronic and online, I worry that we don’t have a good handle on this asset.

Hopefully the following article will assist you with your financial endeavors. Let’s discuss Insurance, Wills,  Paperwork and a Budget …

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Folding Wagon

When going to a crop with a LOT of scrapbooking supplies, this collapsible wagon is very convenient. Click on the link to see prices on Amazon, then have it shipped to your home — before your next crop.  Things to remember to pack:

  • Paper & page kits
  • Cutters & scissors
  • Glue, pop dots, dimensionals
  • Photos & albums
  • Embellishments
  • Stamps & inks
  • Markers & pencils
  • Chair or cushion
  • Light & extension cord