Organizing Finances

Keeping your finances organized is very beneficial. We are not taught how to keep this very important information together. And with everything being electronic and online, I worry that we don’t have a good handle on this asset.

Hopefully the following article will assist you with your financial endeavors. Let’s discuss Insurance, Wills,  Paperwork and a Budget …

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Good Global Thoughts

We were talking the other day at work about the world and world problems. We decided there almost needs to be country that’s over all the countries because it feels like each country just looks out for it’s own. How are we expected to solve world issues and problems?

And just this morning I came across the TED talk — Which country does the most good for the world? As it discussed the many world concerns, and it’s depressing to think about, the video also gave me hope — if we organize and work together, progress can be made.

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Top 10-Blogging Steps

Looking back on my journey of blogging, since early 2008, I have put together some tips to assist with your journey. Technology has made blogging much easier and now videos are so popular, so it’s quick to share information. Remember to start our small, there are so many pieces, it can be overwhelming!

These are in the order that I recommend tackling. And it takes years, give yourself time to learn and grow. Baby steps! You will look back over time and be amazed, I promise.

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