Craftroom Tour 2017

Welcome to my craftroom. I’m always moving stuff around in my room, I love to rearrange. And I love to see what it looked like over time!

Here’s what is looks like lately! Hope it gives you lots of storage ideas.

Part 1.  Quick scan of room, IKEA Furniture, Albums, Ephemera, Cardstock 12×12 Paper, Stamps, Embossing Folders, Quilting Fabric, Patterns, Project Drawers, Layouts by Theme, Paints, Cricut Cartridges and books, Big Shot, Sewing Machine, Scrapbook decorations by color …

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Room Organization

Ok, here’s what I love to do! This project was fun for me because I love to deal with the before and after of room organization. If your room looks like this one, you can relate!

This room started out in typical fashion, they had just moved and this room was the “collection” room. Everything else in the house was organized — the bedroom and closet, the kitchen, and the living room. But this room was saved for later!

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Craftroom Organizing


Are you feeling overwhelmed when you enter your craft area? Here’s some tips to help think about the problem, and realize your goals.

Many folks want to jump straight into the decorating, but I suggest otherwise. Let’s put a plan together so we avoid re-work and unnecessary expenses.

Getting Started

What is the current layout of your area? The crafts that you like to do should dictate the sections to focus on. Make a list of those categories — sewing, stamping, scrapbooking, photography, etc.

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