Folding Wagon

When going to a crop with a LOT of scrapbooking supplies, this collapsible wagon is very convenient. Click on the link to see prices on Amazon, then have it shipped to your home — before your next crop.  Things to remember to pack:

  • Paper & page kits
  • Cutters & scissors
  • Glue, pop dots, dimensionals
  • Photos & albums
  • Embellishments
  • Stamps & inks
  • Markers & pencils
  • Chair or cushion
  • Light & extension cord

10 Ways to have a Better Conversation

Man, have you noticed how hard it is these days to have a normal conversation? Everything is so divided, so polarized, that we aren’t talking to each other anymore. There’s no compromise, and speaking to family, friends and co-workers has gotten a lot harder. That’s why this video caught my eye recently.

Celeste Headlee speaks about 10 ways to have a better conversation. She’s funny and to the point. Here’s her 10 basic rules to make improvements …

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