10 Ways to have a Better Conversation

Man, have you noticed how hard it is these days to have a normal conversation? Everything is so divided, so polarized, that we aren’t talking to each other anymore. There’s no compromise, and speaking to family, friends and co-workers has gotten a lot harder. That’s why this video caught my eye recently.

Celeste Headlee speaks about 10 ways to have a better conversation. She’s funny and to the point. Here’s her 10 basic rules to make improvements …

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Are you a Bully?

This video’s title is called “The price of shame” and it caught my eye because of the recent #MeToo discussions in the news. This Ted talk is by Monica Lewinsky. She explains her experiences in this 22 minutes made me stop and think about the language that I use and how it may affect people.

At the Mercy of your Emotions?

Recently watched this video about emotions. I work with a wonderful team of people for a large company in Columbus Ohio and we are setup for our project using a Scrum framework. It works well because we have worked to trust and accept feedback. However, when team dynamics change, there is a needs for adjustments. This time it involved emotions. I found this video very helpful and insightful.