Room Organization

Ok, here’s what I love to do! This project was fun for me because I love to deal with the before and after of room organization. If your room looks like this one, you can relate!

This room started out in typical fashion, they had just moved and this room was the “collection” room. Everything else in the house was organized — the bedroom and closet, the kitchen, and the living room. But this room was saved for later!

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McGhee’s Sextuplet Organizing

We organized a room setup over their garage in Gahanna, Ohio. This was a project for “GO” Month, which stands for “Get Organized”. Each year, the National Association of Profession Organizers (NAPO) would volunteer for a community project that involved some time of organization.

January 26, 2011 organized baby items for the McGhee’s with sextuplets.

NAPO is the National group of professional organizers. Yes, such a good exists. It’s a very organized organization! It’s made up of many folks who care about people. And it ranges from just routine clutter management all the way to varying degrees of mental problems.

Six babies born all at one time!

Have you seen the show Clean Sweep where they take everything out of the house and decide what to keep, what to donate, and what to sell? Peter Walsh, a professional organizer from Australia, would show people how their emotional attachment to stuff was cluttering their lives.

This is the room we started organizing. Someone finished off the area above their garage for extra storage.
Here we are building the shelves. These we sturdy and provided easy access.

Have you heard of Marie Kondo, an organizer from Japan, and her organizing method called “KonMari”? She provides a new method of examining you items to decide if they bring you joy or whether to thank the item for it’s service and let it go.

A lot of product was donated, including from Oprah.
You need a lot of product for six little ones! We put like with like in order to make items easy to find!

I had the opportunity in early 2011 to work with several other Professional Organizers in Columbus, Ohio to help the McGhee Family setup their home for their growing family. This family had caught the attention of Oprah Winfrey and then even had their own TV show.

We organized clothes by size into totes.

They were such a nice family, and they had troubling getting pregnant and used fertility drugs, and then had 6 babies! Their house was small and we wanted to give them an organized area to store formula, diapers, and all those baby items for six at one time! Mia and Rozonno were very appreciative.

I was very proud to work with these incredible professional organizers.

Someone helped them convert the space over the garage into a useful attic. A group of Columbus professional organizers were able to go thru all the items, setup shelving, and creating a space that allowed them to quickly find the items they needed. We had so much fun. We took a memorable photo with the family, just look at that table for six babies!

Most importantly, the client was very happy! What a wonderfully deserving family.

Craftroom Organizing


Are you feeling overwhelmed when you enter your craft area? Here’s some tips to help think about the problem, and realize your goals.

Many folks want to jump straight into the decorating, but I suggest otherwise. Let’s put a plan together so we avoid re-work and unnecessary expenses.

Getting Started

What is the current layout of your area? The crafts that you like to do should dictate the sections to focus on. Make a list of those categories — sewing, stamping, scrapbooking, photography, etc.

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Organizing a Child’s Room

This was my first paying job as a Professional Organizer. I love to organize and it’s amazing to get paid for something you love to do. I believe it was easier for her daughter to listen to me than take advise from Mom!

The bedroom was full of childhood items — sports trophies, toys, jewelry, clothes, school papers, and stuff animals. She was a good age to help with the clean-up and ready to change her room into a teenager room.

Room is full of items that are not used anymore.
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