About Me

Terry Cowans …. Professional Organizer, Quilter, Photographer, Card Maker, and Scrapbook crafter. I live in Ohio with my husband. We have 3 grown children with their partners and three adorable grandsons! I enjoy learning new techniques and love to teach about crafting, photography, sewing, card making, and scrapbooking. And I especially love to organize it all!


I have a knack for organizing homes, especially craft rooms. I am currently working full-time as an IT Business Analyst, but I had a 3-year gig as a Professional Organizer with NAPO from 2007 to 2010. I enjoyed helping local crafters organize their stash!  As a professional organizer, I …

  • Help you determine problem areas.
  • Design an efficient system to tackle problem areas.
  • Use organizing principles and transfer those skills to you.
  • Educate you on how to take control of your surroundings.
  • Provide motivation to help you accomplish your organizing goals.

I enjoy creating scrapbooks with our family photos from our travels. Lately, I’ve really been into card marking. The photo shown above is a recent cabin trip to Hocking Hills, Ohio. Love that the whole family is still able to get together, and then I love to put together scrapbook pages in their albums so they remember these times!  As a scrapbooker, I …

  • Organize my family photos to preserve our memories.
  • Research new scrapbooking products and make recommendations.
  • Schedule crops to have a fun time with friends.
  • Design new scrapbook layouts to express my creativity.
  • Share tips with friends and family about how to scrapbook.

I started this website because I enjoy sharing all kinds of information that I’m learning about and growing, and I want to inspire you! I don’t keep up with a journal, other than keeping dates and events, but I like to make a note of items I’ve been thinking about on my pages. Lately, I’ve been reading and also watching Ted Talks. As someone who wants to inspire you, I …

  • Take a moment to share what I’ve learned.
  • Use my personal experiences to help you grow.
  • Read and analyze information to bring it to you in a short fun way.

When I’m playing and learning with any of my hobbies, I enjoy sharing about the tools that I’m using to do the website, photography, or just plain staying organized.  As a website designer, I …

  • Configure easy-to-use websites.
  • Assist with the gathering and organizing of content in a highly usable format.
  • Advise you on website best practices.
  • Train you on the latest software features.
  • Provide motivation throughout the design process.
  • Answer technology questions in easy-to-understand English language.
  • Evaluate your existing website for new tech suggestions.