Amtrak Trip 2021

Many friends and family have heard we are taking a trip out west on an Amtrak train. We plan to post photos and video along the way. Enjoy!

Note: We are safe! We were NOT on the Amtrak train that was going across Montana on 9/25/21. Thank you to all who reached out to make sure we are safe. See NY Times story.

Vacation Summary:

  • Day 1/September 20: Columbus – Toledo (Greyhound Bus)
  • Day 2/September 21: Lake Shore Limited Train from Toledo to Chicago (4 hrs)
  • Day 2-4/September 22: Southwest Chief Train to California (43 hrs)
  • Day 4/September 23: Arrive Fullerton to Anaheim
  • Days 5-6/September 24 & 25: Stay in Anaheim (Disneyland)
  • Day 7/September 26: Drive from Anaheim to Palm Springs (2 hrs)
  • Days 8-11/September 27-30: Stay at Welk Palm Springs Resort
  • Day12/October 1: Drive Palm Springs back to Anaheim (2 hrs)
  • Days 13-15/October 2-3: Stay in Anaheim
  • Day 16/October 4: Pacific Surfliner Train from Anaheim to LA then Coast Starlight to Emeryville
  • Day 17:/October 5: California Zephyr Train Emeryville to Granby, CO
  • Days 18-21/October 6-9: Stay at Silver Creek Resort in Granby, CO
  • Day 22/October 10: Fly SW from Denver/Columbus

Travel Agent Recommendation

Considering a trip like this? We highly recommend Great Getaway Travel advisor Merideth Sellars. Merideth helped us map out all the legs of our trip out west. Here’s a link to their website —

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    1. Hope Disney keeps the reservations going after Covid! It was enjoyable to hop on the rides. I think our longest line was 30 minutes or so. At Disneyland everything was so close and easy to walk around to see all the rides. We had a great time!

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