Quick update before our trip!

We leave for our trip on Monday, September 20th! We are taking a 3-week vacation on an Amtrak train across the USA. If you want to follow along, see https://reddinUp.com/amtrak/.

If I met you at Gillie’s Center for the scrapbook sale! Hello! I have quilting supplies and fabric for sale. See https://reddinUp.com/for-sale/. I currently have the fabric in “lots” which is 12-20 yards of fabric, sorted by color. Just email me which # of box you’d like. I can ship anywhere in the USA or pick-up in the Westerville area. When I get back from my trip in mid-October, I will be posting more fabric along with quilting tools such as rotary cutters, mats, and rules — tons of rules!

If you came here for crafting tips, welcome!

Benjamin Button

Recently re-watched The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. This movie really messes with your mind. Have you seen it? He’s born an old man and ages backwards. He loves his family and then a girl. They travel thru time, at a different pace, and it really makes you think about the things that we need in our life!

I challenge you to really think about the things you need. What makes you happy? Time with family and friends? A certain hobby? Helping others? Find ways to incorporate those items into your life. Let go of items that don’t bring you joy.

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Good Global Thoughts

We were talking the other day at work about the world and world problems. We decided there almost needs to be country that’s over all the countries because it feels like each country just looks out for it’s own. How are we expected to solve world issues and problems?

And just this morning I came across the TED talk — Which country does the most good for the world? As it discussed the many world concerns, and it’s depressing to think about, the video also gave me hope — if we organize and work together, progress can be made.

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