Pill Better Soon

Saw this cute “Pill Better Soon” stamp and die set on Amazon and decided to try it out. I don’t believe it’s a knockoff but I don’t see the brand name anywhere. The card I made turned out really cute ’cause it’s snot fun being sick and getting this card in the mail would definitely cheer me up!

I enjoyed making this video. It was fun to open something that came in the mail and then show you what I made with it!


Doodlebug Blog Post for this Stamp Set

I searched for this stamp set and did not find it anywhere, so I did not think it was a knockoff. Lo and behold, I received an email from a crafter who showed me this was a set from Doodlebug. I am so disappointed. Grrrrrr. I will change my link below when I find the stamp set in stock online.

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I keep track of my stamp sets inside Evernote. I can use it to search for a topic to find the desired stamp set. Also, I keep track of my inventory so I don’t purchase duplicates!

And here’s a link to Doodlebug’s blog post with a ton of cute ideas for this set!

This stamp set is from DoodleBug — so the one I purchased was a knockoff
I cannot find it in stock anywhere!