Ink Blending Make-Up Brushes

For applying ink to cards, there is a new way to use make-up brushes. I’ve recently seen these brushes for sale for up to $50. I recently saw them for sale at the Columbus Scrapbook Expo for $35, but the packaging was odd so I started to investigate.

After a quick google search, I saw makeup brushes for various different prices ranging from $6.99 to 49.99. I thought this was crazy. So next I started searching YouTube for other crafters using these new makeup brushes. I wanted to see what they thought of them. Was there a difference in the products that made the price worth the extra cost?

After seeing that crafters did not see any differences, I decided to purchase a cheaper set for myself. I purchased the brand on Amazon called “Moclever” which included 10 brushes from tiny to very large.

When the box arrived, the brand name on the box is “Laromni”. So who knows who really makes them. Or maybe Amazon substituted one brand for another. My point is this, I believe they all work the same.

Here’s the various different types of brushes that crafters use for applying ink for cards backgrounds: