Mass producing Christmas Cards

In my last video, I showed my 2020 Christmas card, so in this video I wanted to share tips on mass producing a large batch of cards! Here are my very handy tricks!

Big Shot Plus
— use purple tape to hold dies in place
— use extra piece of cardstock for intricate dies as a shim
— cut as many colors possible running all the dies through at once.

Sizzix Die Brush Tool
— use tweezers to poke cardstock from the dies or small pieces stuck in the shape
— use Sizzix die brush tool for removing pieces from intricate dies
— and the magnet on the tool helps find lost dies too!

Silicone Sheet
— use this little mat to help keep glue off your desktop
— liquid glue and a sponge allows you to glue on very small pieces
— remove dried glue the next day by rolling into a ball around the mat!

— use clipboard to hold pieces in place while using the heat tool
— melts the white embossing powder for a snowy look on the branches and pinecones!

Two MISTI stamping tool
— by using two MISTI’s I can keep the stamps in place for the front of the card and the inside of the card. This makes the stamping go quicker.
— alternatively, stamp the front of all the cards, then stamp in the inside!