Concord & 9th Turnabout Stamps

Recently purchased a couple new Concord & 9th Turnabout Stamps and wanted to show you how these work. There are a few steps, but hopefully this video shows that you can make a fun colorful card using their system.

I’m using the Crafty Turnabout Stamp Set and their Jig. First, you peel the stamp off the packaging and align with the image on the back of the package. Using a permanent marker, draw both lines. These are the lines you line up on the jig inside your stamp positioning tool, I’m using a MISTI. Be sure to keep the original packaging so that you can add the lines on the back of the stamp again, I noticed that mine wore off after a few times.

This was my first attempt, but I think it “turned” out okay. I need to make sure my lines are more exact, because the image is off just a little. Remember when I put the white card front down into the corner of the MISTI? Now that I look at the turnabout jig, I see I need to line up my A2 white card front with the guide lines on the jig. That will make a difference!