Cricut Bluetooth Connection

I recently got a new computer and had to connect it to my Cricut machine. Here’s a quick (and funny video) to show how I paired the Cricut to my Design Space!

Hopefully you got a kick out of watching the behind the scenes of a Cricut YouTuber! The things we do to get the shot! When you go to record, the simplest of topics, something goes wrong, or there’s so many steps involved! It’s quite the project!

Anyways, here’s the steps to connect the Cricut to my new computer:

  1. Turn on the Cricut machine.
  2. On your computer, on the Windows start menu, type “bluetooth”.
  3. Click on the option “Bluetooth and other devices” (you could have also opened the control panel).
  4. Click on “Add Bluetooth or other device”.
  5. Click on “Bluetooth”.
  6. Click on “CricutAIR-6349” (this will be your Cricut number).
  7. Enter “0000” or “1234” for the PIN, press “Connect”.
  8. You will see the message “Your device is ready to go” after the drivers were installed on your computer. Press “Done”.
  9. Now, over in Cricut Design Space, you should see the Air: 6349 Bluetooth display. If you don’t, then save your work and exit Design Space and re-open. It should see it the next time.
  10. You only have to run through this setup when you connect a new machine to your Cricut.
Type “bluetooth” on Windows start menu
Click “Add Bluetooth”
Click Bluetooth
Find your Cricut machine (it needs to be On)
The PIN is “0000”
Your devices will be paired
In Design Space, your machine will be connected