Cricut Cartridges Handbooks

Easy way to reference the Cricut Cartridges Handbooks and find the cut image that you are looking for! Great inspiration for using your Cricut electronic cutting machine!  See below for the instructions on how to save the Cricut Handbooks to your computer.

  1. First, see my first video about about Using Evernote.
  2. Find your list of cartridges, maybe you already had your list in Evernote!
  3. If you don’t have your list handy, login to your Cricut account. You can see all your cartridges listed by going into Design Space, filter by My Cartridges. This step assumes that you have linked your cartridges.
  4. Next, open the Cricut website to search for the cartridge, as if you were going to purchase the item. See the search option in the top right corner.
  5. When you find the cartridge, click on the Description tab. This will show the related resources.
  6. Click on the Digital Handbook link. This will open the PDF on your computer.
  7. Now, click the download arrow from inside that opened PDF. This will save to a folder on your computer.
  8. Finally, create a new note in Evernote. I used the name of the cartridge as the title. Attach the PDF.
  9. Optional: You can add words to search and images to reference, in your notes!