Cricut EasyPress with Iron-on Transfer

Ok, I’m heading out to a crop this weekend and we needed to make a Disney t-shirt for the crop! I thought I’d get out my Cricut EasyPress and see if I can do this! See what happens …

My steps —

  1. First, I found an image that I wanted for the front of my t-shirt and downloaded to my computer. Just a note: You cannot sell t-shirts that you do not OWN the rights to the image, so be very cautious about copyright laws!
  2. If your image has words, use some software that will FLIP the image when printing so that the words are not backwards on your t-shirt!
  3. Next, I printed the image to Iron-On Transfer paper, I used June Taylor from JoAnn’s. Make sure you have the proper side up in your printer to print on the side without the lines.
  4. Don’t forget to let the image dry for over 30 minutes.
  5. I trimmed around the image, per the instructions. I did NOT wash the t-shirt before ironing.
  6. Heat up the EasyPress per the instruction chart found on or the booklet that came with the machine. I used 340 degrees for 30 seconds, then 15 seconds on the back.
  7. Press the t-shirt flat before laying down the iron-on. This will make sure you don’t have a wrinkle in the middle of your image, please remove the moisture from the cotton.
  8. Use the Cricut green button to start the clock count down. I had to use a little extra time and I think I either didn’t push hard enough or it was due to the image being a little wider and I had to move from side to side. Suggestion: Do half the image for 30 seconds, then the other half for 30 seconds if you have  a wide graphic.
  9. Let the iron-on cool for several minutes. I found that the transfer paper did not want to come off until it was cool. But go by the instructions for your iron-on transfer paper, mine was COOL PEEL.