We R Memory Keepers Foil Quill

I recently purchased the We R Memory Keepers new Foil Quill medium pen for your cutting system, and I’m using my Cricut machine today to test it out. Here’s what I learned!

  1. The attachment has several (abcd) pen holders, ‘c’ for Cricut and ‘b’ for Brother
  2. You must pop out existing pen holder, push carefully but firmly from bottom
  3. I have medium pen, you can buy set of all 3, I thought that medium was enough, but I would suggest the largest one for a bold foil look
  4. You must twist on ‘C’ cap to the foil quill
  5. Place the metal foot under the pen to protect your mat, not sure how useful this is, just remember the pen tip gets hot
  6. The cord needs to move, it’s about 2′ long, very short, you need to have power very close to your Cricut machine
  7. Plug into laptop or power source for 5 minutes to allow it to heat up
  8. Tape foil over cardstock (smooth cardstock is best)
  9. Adjust the Cricut dial to cardstock (one notch up if using textured cardstock)
  10. Remove metal foot carefully, if you used it, might be warm
  11. Pick any image on Cricut Design software, be sure to set it to draw NOT cut
  12. Tell it to go
  13. Remove your mat and see the results of the foil written onto the cardstock
Remember to set to “Draw” instead of “Cut”

I used my Cricut to write Hello, but you could also use any shape from a cartridge. Just remember to set it to DRAW instead of cut. Another idea would be to use your Brother scan and cut, by stamping an image on cardstock, scan that image and then used to write the foil pen! I gotta try that next!

Had so much fun today playing with the We R Memory Keepers “Foil Quill”

There is a new freestanding heatwave pen by We R Memory Keepers, that you hold instead of using an electronic cutting machine, but they’re very warm to the touch plus I don’t like my handwriting so I wouldn’t want to use them free form, I would want to use my Brother or my Cricut Machine.

There is also a new magnetic mat that allows you to place the mat, cardstock, and foil held in place with magnets on top of your Cricut mat. To avoid the foil sticking to your Cricut mat like happened with me. This seems like a extremely complicated setup and it’s very expensive. I think I’ll stick to basics for foiling.

Here are important tips about using the Foil Quill pens —

  • The pens work in electronic cutting machines such as A. Silhouette, B. Brother ScanNCut, C. Cricut, and D. Sizzix
  • Load the pen, load your mat with foil and material, and draw words or patterns
  • Always unplug the Foil Quill when not in use, and be careful with the tip when plugged in
  • Leave enough room for the cord to move, so plug into a power source close by
  • Use the heat resistant plate under the Foil Quill while preparing projects
  • You must use HEAT activated foils
  • Use tape to keep the foil in place, don’t let the foil touch your sticky mat
  • It comes in fine, medium, and bold tip, I recommend the bold tip, I used the medium tip in my video
  • We R Memory Keepers makes design thumb drives with SVG artwork but you can use your design on your electronic cutting machine – just remember to set to DRAW
  • Works on paper, cardstock, chipboard, vinyl, acetate, vellum, leather, and wood