Using Cricut Joy to make Creative Memories Album Spine Labels

Wondered if I could use the new Cricut Smart Vinyl on my Joy machine for labels on my Creative Memories album! Watch to see if this works!

I have used plastic page protectors to label some of my Creative Memories cloth albums. It did the trick, I can tell which books are for which year. But I wondered if I could use my Joy for this project!

So I went into the Cricut Design software and enter the text for my labels. Remember, you can use any font on your computer now in the Cricut software. I cut using the Joy and the sample silver Smart Vinyl. It’s called Smart technology because you don’t need to use a mat, it simply loads into the machine. And cut! Super cute!!

The new Cricut Joy is so cute! Love that you don’t need to use a mat. The new smart vinyl is very easy to weed and permanently stick to projects.
Used the smart vinyl sample that came with my new machine.
Here’s the before and after pictures — this vinyl looks so good. Now to finish the rest of the album binders!
Oh, these look great! Love it. This color was the sample that came with the Cricut Joy called “Silver” permanent Smart vinyl.
Decided to make more labels! This is a font called “So Fontsy” and it’s free from Website SoFontsy.
So cute! Love the font and the red on the black album covers! Hershey says Hi!