Old vs New Cricut Machines

I’ve had scrapbooking friends ask lately about the newer Cricut machines. It took me a long time to switch because I am not one to buy the latest machine when it comes out, especially if the older machine is still working. But I’d like to show you the difference between the old and the new models so you can decide!

The older Cricut machines, including the 6″ personal and the 12″ expressions, are a great way to cut out just about any shape you needed! The machines came with a basic cartridge that had useful shapes and you could by cartridges too. Those cartridges are now very inexpensive because people are starting to switch over to electronic files.

You can link your cartridges to your online Cricut account. And on the new machines, you do not need to pull out your cartridges, you simply use the software on your computer, connected to the internet, so size and cut your desired shape.

As I explain in my video, I want to show how easy it is to use your Cricut with the Design software to make projects. Here are the difference between the old way and the new way. I really do think that Cricut simplified the process!

With the older model, you had to do the following:

  • Find your Cricut cartridge, mat, and booklet (categorize/store them)
  • Decide what colors, which sometimes you had to google to see right colors
  • Cut the first layer in a certain size, being careful not to change the size dial
  • Cut each layer being careful to press the Shift & Layers buttons appropriately

With the newer model, you simply:

  • Login to the design.cricut.com
  • Click on “New Project”
  • Click on “Image”
  • Search for desired shape and filter to your cartridges (or purchase shape)
  • Press “Make It”

It’s important to keep your cartridges after you link them. If someone else has the cartridge, they own the rights to it and it can become unlinked to your account. If you are using the software, you don’t need to pull out your cartridge, booklet and mat anymore, so you can store them away. I have my organized in boxes, out of the way.

So easy to cut out Elmo using the Cricut Explore Air