Peter Pan Baby Onesie using Cricut

Made a baby gift using my Cricut Explore and Easy Press. Watch to see things I learned while I put this cute Peter Pan baby onesie together!

Using Cricut Design Space, find your image. I used Peter Pan from the Disney cartridge.
Ungroup the layers to see if there are any that you do not need, for example a shadow. You want the layers that go on the black background layer.
Weld the words but not the stars. The stars will cut as a separate color.
I used a variety of iron-on vinyl – some Cricut brand but not all. Cut the layers by loading the vinyl SHINY SIDE DOWN (this is the release sheet). Cricut Design Space will tell you what color to load.
Weed all the pieces after you cut all the layers. Look back at the image in Cricut Design Space for reference.
Using the Cricut Easy Press at 315 degrees and parchment paper, I ironed on each layer. I was able to do 10 seconds for each layer, then 30 seconds for the final ironing. Be sure not to overlap any vinyl release sheets. See if your vinyl is HEAT or COOL peel. Mine was HEAT, which means peel off release paper soon after ironing.
Remember to flip the words, because the iron-on vinyl cuts backwards. I did not flip Peter Pan because I wanted his back to be along the words. Isn’t this the cutest thing!

Cricut Design Space Terms

  • Weld merges the lines together, used to connect letters or shapes
  • Attach holds relative position to each other, used so letters or shapes are positioned exactly as on the canvas; attach by layer/color
  • Group relates to each other so you can size & move together

Brands of Heat Transfer Vinyl

I used some off brand iron-on vinyl. Time will tell if there is a difference between it and the Cricut brand. I’ll update this post if I learn that the cheap vinyl does not hold up. The pack I purchased ( see Amazon Heat Transfer Vinyl ) was about 1/10th the cost, so to me it was worth buying to test it out. If you are going to make characters for t-shirts, you really need a good variety of colors. I did not have light off-white color for Peter Pan’s skin tone, so I used white so he looks a little ghostly!