Cricut Venture Cutting Machine

Cricut has created another new cutting machine that will cut all their popular materials in a size of 24″ x 12 feet (up to 75 feet by repeating pattern). The fast speed and high pressure are made more for commercial use. The price tag is $999. It’s called “Venture”.

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Cricut Cutting Machines

All Cricut cutting machines will cut, draw, deboss, score, foil, and engrave with the proper tool using their free Design Space software. You can use built-in shapes and images, one that you purchase, and they have a subscription option.

Cricut smart materials allow you to cut without using a mat. But using a mat allows you to cut your own materials. Mats come in Light, Standard, and Strong. All connect to your computer, tablet, and phone using Bluetooth. All support print-then-cut but the Joy is not recommended for this.

  • Cricut Joy – 4.5×6.5″ & 4.5×12″ sized mat cut using fine point blade
  • Cricut Explore Air 3 – 12×12″ & 12×24″ sized mat cuts using fine point blade
  • Cricut Maker 3 – 12×12″ & 12×24″ sized mat cuts using a rotary blade
  • Cricut Venture – 12×24″ and 25″x12 feet up to 75′ repeat using performance fine point blade

New Cricut Venture

  • For Cricut power users, probably commercial use
  • Fastest Cricut ever
  • Angled at 45 degrees so you can place it on the edge of a table
  • Loads from the back instead of the front
  • When powered on, you will hear the vacuum sound that holds the mat to the machine
  • Docking Stand with catch bins and wheels (stores large mats) is available
  • Two sizes of mats — 12×24″ and 24×28″
  • 24″ wide to 12 feet (up to 75 feet repeating cuts)
  • Cricut cardstock 24″x28″ available in 14 colors
  • 25″ wide smart vinyl permanent and removable, and transfer tape
  • 25″ wide smart iron on
  • Draw on poster board using new bold permanent markers
  • Auto cut-off blade cuts at the end of your project (sold separately) uses the pen holder
  • Uses the same Design Space software (required Desktop version at this time)
  • All existing Cricut tools fit in the new Venture however they recommend the new blade
  • Existing Cricut mats will not fit in the Venture machine
  • Cleaning required (the rail and the wheels) using rubbing alcohol
  • Goes on sale July 24, 2023 at 10 pm ET

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