Make Money being an Amazon Associate

I strive to make informative videos that teach you enough to be dangerous! Seriously though, I friend asked me about the Amazon Associate program recently, and I wanted to show how to add links that allow you to earn money while you share tips and information online. Here’s how by following these simple steps …

  1. Join
  2. SiteStripe in Browser
  3. Get Links
  4. Add HTML to your YouTube or Website
  5. Check your Earnings


The first step is to join the Amazon Associates program. Here’s a link to’s Associates Central. You will need to register by giving them your contact information. There’s a ton of resources under their Help page.

See Amazon Associates Help page.

SiteStripe in Browser

Once you have your account, click on Tools, SiteStrip. This will prompt login to your account. Notice the red-highlighted box. This displays across the top of your browser when you login into Amazon, very handy for quickly grabbing links. By clicking the “Learn More” you will see the option to turn on the bar. Click on the Display Status to Enabled. I use the Get Link and Share options too. Now you are ready to add links!

Press the Enable to turn on the SiteStripe bar.

Get Links

Now that you have activated the SiteStripe on your Amazon account, it’s easy to grab the links you need. I use two types of links, Text and Text+Image. Step one is to search for your items on Amazon that you wish to share with folks. In my video, I used the Brother Scan N Cut CM350. Notice the Get Link area that I highlighted in Red.

Notice the Get Link section on the SiteStripe.

You can click on Get Link “Text” to get a simple link to the item. Notice the Store ID and Tracking ID are your contact information. The Tracking ID can be used for different selling campaigns, but I just keep it the same as my Store ID. Click Get Link button or just copy the yellow highlighted text. I use the Short Link.

Click on Text to generate the link.

You can click on Get Link “Text+Image” to get the image of the item with a link. There are many display options, I like the Open link in new tab and Show border, so I have those checkmarked. Again, copy the yellow highlighted link.

Click on Text+Image to generate the link with an image.

Add HTML to your YouTube or Website

Once you have copied either the Text or the Text+Image HTML, then it’s time to paste it over on your YouTube video description or into your Website. I use WordPress for my Website. I think it displays your information in an organized fashion, and I’m all about organization! Lol!

On my WordPress site, I added the HTML into a widget that displays on the right sidebar of the site. I drill down to that widget of Custom HTML and paste the Text+Image link that I copied from Amazon. It’s a simple paste and save!

Paste the HTML to your website or YouTube description.

Check your Earnings

Ok, so after folks are viewing your videos and clicking on links, how can I check my earnings? If you notice on the SiteStripe bar that you have displaying on your Amazon account, on the far right hand side, there’s a link called “Earnings”.

On the SiteStripe, click on Earnings to see your statistics.

Now, I do not have a large following yet, so my earnings are very small at this point. You can see that I made $3.88 in the past 30 days. You do not get paid until you earn $100. But it’s accumulating and I’m laying the ground work for future earnings! My hope is to fund my scrapbooking hobby by making a couple hundred dollars a month. Wish me luck!

Under Reports you can see all your statistics.