Embedding YouTube Video into WordPress

I was recently asking about how to embed a video into your website. Here’s a quick video showing how!

Get the Code

The first step is to go to your video that you uploaded to YouTube. Then right mouse click on the video. You will see a menu option for “Copy embed code”. Click that option to copy the code.

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Paste into New Post

The second step is to go to your website and create a new post. Then add a new section called “Custom HTML”. This will create a new block for you to paste the code that we copied in step 1. Put your cursor into that HTML block and paste (Control-V) the code.

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Adjust Size

Now, you just need to work on the size of the video for your website. I’m using a WordPress theme with a column width of 520 by 311, so I adjusted the Width to 520 and the Height to 311. You can preview the post to see how it looks, then make adjustments.

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Reuse for Next Post

Now when you upload a video, simply copy the code from a previous post, and change to the new video name in your HTML code.

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