Quick Mailing Labels using Google Sheets

Are you sending out a lot of Christmas cards? Me too. I just tried Google Sheets for a Mail Merge of addresses to print Avery Labels and get my Christmas cards in the mail! Highly recommend this quick process! See how these turned out!

I recently decided not to renew my Microsoft subscription for Office. I’m using Google Docs and Sheets and, so far, it’s got all the features that I need, nothing fancy.

But this month, I wanted to create mailing labels using Avery labels. I have the white labels in size 1″ x 2 5/8″. And I want to print about 40 of them! It will be quicker than handwriting them all out!

Inside Google Sheets, under Extensions,
I searched for Labels and found these mail merge add-ons.
I added “Avery Label Merge” under Extensions inside Google Sheets.
There is an option to “Import Google Contacts”. Handy.
I added a comma after City.
Move State after City.
And manually add Zip.
Notice that you can get a “Free Week” on the purchase options!