Is AliExpress Safe?

Today I have a controversial haul. I ordered a die set from AliExpress but I had heard mixed reviews. Here is my opinion: I believe you get what you pay for and some items have a higher cost than the purchase price. These views are strictly my own!

AliExpress has a low rating so I was hesitant to purchase from them. I had also heard about a long wait time for your products. But what I really worried about was copyright infringement. I feel many of the same products for sale on eBay and Amazon may prove more reliable.

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I decided to do this post to make others realize the risks involved in ordering from AliExpress. While my order came in a timely manner, I am very concerned about Copyright infringement. Their site says “Any posting or sale of products that infringe on intellectual property rights is prohibited on AliExpress.” But the dies that I ordered are an exact duplicate of Stampin’ Up. How can this be?

Even Disney has tried to get help from the Chinese government to shut down pirating manufacturing. With no success. So I believe the best way to fight this, is to not purchase or support this site.

If you decide to order from them, be careful and consider the following:


  • Lower prices
  • Easy to search for products
  • Receive emails about the status of your order


  • Shipping Delays
  • Cannot judge quality from photos
  • Review ratings are low
  • Poorly packaged, simply a plastic bag
  • After giving my contact information, I feel I am getting much more spam (emails and text messages)