Haul | Nov 2023

I’ve had a few items on my wish list this year. ‘Cause I’ve been good!

I was thinking about getting the Project Cart, you know, the one with all the cafeteria trays. After making this latest quilt, I thought I could really use it. So I checked the price on, one of the few online places I found it for sale. $98 seems like a good price. Then I noticed their banner stating “3 FREE GIFTS”. You had me at free!

Video when my order comes in!

Another item on my wish list, was a postage die that I saw from Waffle Flower. They didn’t have the Waffle Flower brand in stock, but they did have this one from Catherine Pooler. Love it! Got it!

Next on my wish list, was the cover for my Tim Holtz media mat. I think this would be very handy for my videos since the mat is very reflective. This cover will provide a white background for filming and for photos. Had to get that!

Finally, I had a grip mat on my wish list. I wasn’t sure of the size, but the 6.5 x 8.5 will fit in my MISTI or I can simply use it on my desk. Very handy!

I had been thinking about getting the new Magic Mat but I saw cases where it warped too. So I was unsure. But if they want to give me a free one to try, sign me up!

Not sure I needed any die letters or double-sided tape. but hey, I’ll take that too!

So here is the total for my order.

My wish list totaled $167 without the deals. I got $49 in free items. Plus I got the Black Friday 12% off. I think it was a very good deal and I’ll watch for deals again next year.