Adorable Redd-Up Candle Thank-you Gift!

How cute is this candle? This is a gift from my cousin Ann for supporting her small business (alzheimer’s non-profit). It smells so good, and it’s made by a company in Pittsburgh. Links below!

Ann’s Alzheimer’s Journey

Our Aunt Marilyn, Ann’s mom, had Alzheimer’s for many years. It was so hard to watch a vibrant woman turn into what amounted to a small child again. Read more about the Journey, and learn about current projects on Ann’s website at —

Pittsburgh Candle Works

The company that Ann found this candle on is called Pittsburgh Candle Works. And how cute is it that they have candles relating to Pittsburgh phrases! Oh so cute! Here’s the link —

Redd Up Soy Candle $24

Redd Up fragrance – (link to product)
Clean and fresh. A sweet but salty sea breeze scent combined with amber and vanilla for a perfect year round fragrance for your home.