Sewing Haul & Cherry Box July 2020

Recently ordered a new ironing mat that is made from wool from Love that I’m looking forward to testing out. I’m planning to do a video about quilting, so I’ll demo it then! Also, got my July Cherry Box in the mail — here’s what was inside this month’s box!

Love Sew Wool Pressing Mat – 18″ X 12″

I’ve seen more and more quilters using a wool pressing mat and I hear really good things about them. Saw this one on sale and decided to give it a try. It’s available in 18×12, 14×13, and 10×10. I picked the 18×12 to fit the top of my side table. Stay tuned for a product demonstration!

If you go to the website, they have a spinning wheel for an optional % off if you enter your email address. I have a coupon code “SEW10” for 10% that you can use, but the wheel might give you a higher percentage savings!

Cherry On Top

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Galvanized metal tray (for my inks) from Hobby Lobby