Traveler’s Notebook Inserts

For my Echo Park Traveler’s Notebook, I wanted to get new inserts for New Year’s 2022. Having a planner to see a calendar at a glance, jot down ideas, and keep track of to do’s, really keeps me organized. When we traveled, really enjoyed using my HP Sprocket to print fun pictures throughout our journeys.

Echo Park Traveler’s Notebook (Teal)

A couple of years ago, I received a planner with a monthly subscription. It was a new size to me. It’s 6″x9″ which is a standard traveler’s notebook. It holds 4 notebooks that are sized 4.33″ x 8.25″. The planner has a pen holder. The brand is Echo Park. Love it!

Planner Sizes

Found this chart on Etsy for sizes of planners. Really helpful.

Refills Available?

With the new year coming up, I wanted to start with new pages for my planner. I realized that I wanted a MONTH view. So I went in search of types of refills available from Echo Park. They have a limited selection. I couldn’t even find many Echo Park refills on Amazon that I would use. So I did a google search and found a ton of options on Etsy!

My Recent Refill Order

Found a shop on Etsy called “Book Fell Studio” with options, out of Toronto, Canada. Can’t wait to see the inserts! It’s a little hard to understand from the Etsy site what the books contain. I read the description carefully. If I ordered a certain amount, I think $35, then shipping was free. The photos show multiple booklets, but I think I just get one of each. Yes!

Inner Paper Options

When you decide on your design, you will see options for the pattern and paper. I selected lined paper. Also went with the default 24 lb weight of paper. If you are going to paint or marker on your paper, you’d prefer the 28 or 32 lb selection.

Midor – C011
ALL IN ONE – Monthly / Weekly / Habit Tracker – on 2 Pages – Half Year – Traveler’s Notebook Calendar Insert – Midori Insert – C011 (Link)$13.88
Midori – C010B
Interleaved MONTHLY / WEEKLY on 2 Pages – Half Year or 3 Month Versions – Travelers Notebook Weekly Monthly Calendar Insert – Midori – C010B (Link)$11.88
Midori N613 (selected LINED pages)
Travelers Notebook Insert – CERULEAN BLUE – Midori Insert – Regular Standard Wide B6 Personal A6 Pocket Field Notes Passport Micro – N613 (Link)$8.97

There are many, many vendors to shop from on Etsy. This shop is called Book Fell Studio out of Toronto Canada. Here’s a link to their shop. They have over 11,000 orders and have a 5-star rating.

Oops Misprints Available

Noticed this on their shop after I put my order in! They have misprints. In the comments, someone said they cannot tell any problems with the inserts. Might be something to check out!

Link to their misprints on sale