Recent Crafty Haul | Dec 2022

How many of you end up buying a little something for yourself when you start your Christmas shopping?! Here are a few goodies I bought myself during this holiday season!

Amazon Affiliate Links

I make a few pennies if you use my affiliate links to these products on Amazon. This is at NO additional cost to you. Thank you!

Gnomes Dies

These caught my eye because they were just $9.99. Here’s a link.

Heart Dies

I was searching for a heart border die and came across this beautiful set. This will be handy for Valentine’s cards! Here’s a link.

Die Storage 9.4″x7″

When I purchased a storage box at JoAnn’s recently, it came with these handy pouches with a magnetic sheet in them. I searched and found these that are very similar. They hold more (taller) but are much thinner. Here’s a link.

Marker Case

My inner child loves this marker case. Before this, I used a few marker cases from Close to My Heart. They worked nicely but now that I have more markers, I need a bigger case. This one is fabulous! Here’s a link.

Blender Brushes

Got these colorful brushes at the end of November. I had a few inexpensive makeup brushes, but what I liked about these is the handles are color coated. Here’s a link.

A2 Envelopes

Finally, I bought these A2-sized envelopes. As a cardmaker, I always need stamps and envelopes. This brand is new to me, I always search for the cheapest box. Here is a link.