Stamps by Judith 25% Off Sale

Stamps by Judith is a stamping company that specializes in watercolor images. She has two ideas catalogs as a great source of inspiration. I cannot paint, but I love to use these fun stamps to create a watercolor scene for my cards. See what I got at their Cyber Monday sale!

Stamps By Judith

On her site (, she shows example cards and then the products used to make them. Click on the “Ideas” tab to see all the wonderful samples. Since they are organized by category, you can find what you would like to have!

Sample Ideas

Here’s their sample card with the products used. Love this! Makes it easy to get all the parts that you need to complete the look.

My Order

Here’s what I ordered this time, to add to my collection of Stamps by Judith collection! So many fun cards to make with my Tombow Watercolor Markers.

H-85 Sm. Milk CanH-85 Sm. Milk Can – Unmounted$5.62
C-29 SprigC-29 Sprig – Mounted$3.94
F-36 Med. Flower PotF-36 Med. Flower Pot – Mounted$4.88
AAA-154 Solid FlowerAAA-154 Solid Flower – Mounted$3.50
C-69 Fir BranchC-69 Fir Branch – Mounted$3.94
AAA-90 Solid Pine ConeAAA-90 Solid Pine Cone$3.50
847 Crimson Tombow
062 Pale Yellow Tombow
N65 Cool Grey 5 Tombow
N15 Black Tombow
Acid Free Watercolor Markers
$2.95 each
Scored CardsScored Cards
50 count – White
30 count – White
AA-03 Solid BalloonAA-03 Solid Balloon$2.50
AAA-264 PoinsettiaAAA-264 Poinsettia$3.50
H-248 Thin/Skinny StemsH-248 Thin/Skinny Stems – Mounted$5.62
O-114-HK Flowers in a JarO-114-HK Flowers in a Jar – Unmounted$8.06
AAA-314-HK 3 Open LeavesAAA-314-HK 3 Open Leaves$3.50
O-123-HK Lg. Hanging BasketO-123-HK Lg. Hanging Basket – Unmounted$8.06
F-331-HK Sm. Fish BowlF-331-HK Sm. Fish Bowl – Mounted$4.88
See for details!

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