Using the HP Sprocket in a Journal

Ok, my sprocket is fully charged. Let’s try out this new 2×3″ printer! I found the sprocket very easy to install. Pictures take about 30-40 seconds to print. Love that you can edit the photos right inside the app. You can also access Facebook, Instagram, and Google photos.

Search in the Play Store for “HP Sprocket”. Once installed, open the app. Follow the prompts. You will need to know what model of Sprocket you purchased, mine is the Sprocket 200. The following screenshots show the prompts to follow.

Important things to keep in mind — scroll thru install steps below!

  • Charge the printer using USB cable provided with printer
  • Load the paper with barcode side down
  • Notice you can rename your Sprocket, during pairing steps
  • You can edit your photos — add borders, lighter/darken, doodle!

Here are handy Amazon links to the HP Sprocket (in many color options), the paper packs (20, 50, and 100) and the cute little carrying cases (in several color options too).