Learn how to say No!

Recently watched a Ted Talk about “The Magic of Not Giving a F*ck”. Wonderful 12-minute video about career advice and being happy. Often we declutter items and deciding what gives us joy. This speaker makes you think about what if we do that with Time, Energy and Money. Clear out your mind. Life changing and liberating advice.

Clear out the annoy to make room for the joy, a type of mental decluttering. Now, don’t have to be an asshole. By using honesty and politeness and realizing you have nothing to apologize for. Plan your “F*ck budget” — decide what is most important to you. Avoid the obligation and guilt. Don’t do things you won’t enjoy.

How to do it …

  1. List of your to do’s.
  2. Decide what annoys you.
  3. Cross of the list if your F*ck budget doesn’t have room.

It’s ok to say …

    • No, thank you.
    • I don’t have time.
    • I can’t afford it.
    • I don’t want to.