Stress-free Productivity

Recently watched a Ted Talk about Stress-free Productivity. I liked the sounds of this because I’ve wondered what makes people more efficient and productive than others. I had to hear more about this theory and what can help you led to a less stressed life.

The speaker, David Allen, tells a story about being in the moment and how those times we remember because we were present. A midst the chaos, you were fully in the moment.

Why don’t we have this feeling, except in crisis? You seem crazy busy, with a total lack of time.

  • Creativity doesn’t take a lot of time, but you need to free up some time.
  • You need space to think and get inspired!
  • Freedom to brainstorm and make a crazy, creative mess!
  • Creative energy is being used to remember and handle details.

What are the dynamics? You can’t change time, but you can think about Perspective and Control.

  • Lack of control and loss of perspective, you over commit, feel like a victim.
  • Lack of control, but too much perspective, and you feel like a mad scientist or crazy maker.
  • Too much control, and lack of perspective, you feel down in the weeds, and micro-manage.
  • Trick is to find the perspective and control that allows for optimal focus!

How do you make it better? Here’s what he suggests … don’t keep things in your head! Free up that space!

  1. Make a list of your items that require your attention.
  2. Identify the next steps to make that items get done.
  3. Use the right map, step back and get your bearings on what is most important, your key focus areas.

Hopefully taking these steps can make you feel less overwhelmed, less stuck, and more creative.