Quick update before our trip!

We leave for our trip on Monday, September 20th! We are taking a 3-week vacation on an Amtrak train across the USA. If you want to follow along, see https://reddinUp.com/amtrak/.

If I met you at Gillie’s Center for the scrapbook sale! Hello! I have quilting supplies and fabric for sale. See https://reddinUp.com/for-sale/. I currently have the fabric in “lots” which is 12-20 yards of fabric, sorted by color. Just email me which # of box you’d like. I can ship anywhere in the USA or pick-up in the Westerville area. When I get back from my trip in mid-October, I will be posting more fabric along with quilting tools such as rotary cutters, mats, and rules — tons of rules!

If you came here for crafting tips, welcome!