Ikea Alex Drawer Comparison

If you are struggling with what size Ikea Drawers to put into your craftroom, watch this video! It is a great comparison of the Alex Drawer Unit and the Alex Drawer on Casters!

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Alex Drawer on Casters vs Alex Drawer Unit

Ikea US Prices 2022

Alex Drawer Unit Measurements

Alex Drawer Unit
14.25″ wide x 27.5″ inches tall (23″ deep)

Alex Drawer on Casters Measurements

Alex Drawer with Casters
26.25″ wide x 26″ tall including casters (19″ deep)

Ikea Table Top called “Linnmon”

Linnmon Table Top
come in 39 3/8″, 47 3/8″, and 78 5/8″ widths
23 5/8″ deep in a variety of colors
You select the style of legs (Krille shown above)

Tall Bottom Drawer

To make the two bottom drawers stay together, I used an L-Shaped Corner Bracket from Amazon. It needs to attach to both drawer fronts. Here is a picture. Notice that the top drawer does not contain the bottom board in its slot. This is so that you have two fronts attached to a bottom drawer that has its bass in its slot. This makes the bottom drawer a total of 7″ tall. Great for tall spools of thread!

Ikea Drawer Insert called “Kuggis”

Kuggis Drawer Insert