Angie’s Room

Angie was in desperate need of a clean work area, both for her work laptop along with a fun place to craft. Angie enjoys scrapbooking and card making. She has a beautiful family including her husband Tim, and three sons. Her dog Sally helped us along the way too!


This is the view of the office. It’s a very convenient first floor room. Plenty of shelving and a very sturdy desk make this is ideal setup for a crafter. Angie enjoys displaying family memories but this room was not very inspiring. Let’s change that!

We wanted to change the piles into an inspiring craftroom. We pulled everything off the tables!
Now the desk is cleared off and a fun working space! Tools are close at hand.


The office walk-in closet was a catch all area. Wonderful shelving makes this space useful. Angie had plenty of clear containers work well for organizing like items together. Easy to pull down from the shelf when you need it. We decided to put less used items into the closet. This became the card making storage area along with less used tools such as the laminator, CuttleBug cutting machine, etc.

Lots was tucked into this closet. Hard to find items!
This became the card making storage area by storing stamps, dies, and tools.


Along the back wall of the office, Angie has this sturdy shelving unit. It’s very deep and can hold heavy items. This was the first area we tackled, in order to make room for her scrapbooking items. Those items included Memorabilia from each family member, gobs of photos ready to scrapbook, scrapbook paper galore, and tools & totes from recent crops.

Stuff was shoved onto the shelves making it hard to find items.
Now the shelves are a Scrapbook Zone. We have paper, photos, memorabilia and crop tools ready to go!

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