The Big Move

Very recently, I found a new place to live. It’s a cabin setting and we just fell in love with it as soon as we saw it! It’s still in our home town and near our children, so we are so happy with our decision to move.

See this video of the last time in my craftroom before the packing begins. My next video will be the setup of the new place! Can’t wait to show you, we just love it!

The decision to move is such a hard one. We lived in our condo for over 9 years, and even though we had clean out a lot of items for our house, we had accumulated so much again. Where does it all come from?! Hopefully these moving tips help you!

Here’s my steps for our move:

  1. Packing everything. We first packed up loose items and got a storage unit. Then we listed our house to sell. We made an offer on the new place. Once we knew we were definitely moving, we started the serious packing. My advice, label the boxes at least with what room it’s headed to at the new place.
  2. Moving everything. We had movers for all the big items, and some boxes. We got bids from three different movers, went with the best offer. They were able to schedule us for two weeks out.
  3. Setting up everything. We first setup the kitchen, bathrooms, clothes, and beds; the things we would need first. Sadly, the craft room had to wait, but I kept thinking of the end goal – my craft room with a view!
  4. Once the main rooms were functional, I was able to tackle the new craft room. The view is tremendous, I’ll show it soon! I started with the tables and shelves.
  5. Next, I started unpacking the boxes marked for the craft room. Since we moved most of the closets and smaller items, our process was to go pack a carload, then bring it back to the new place and unpack. Then go get more. This took about a week of back and forth. It was nice because we never felt rushed.
  6. Finally we cleaned the old place, that was really boring. But, it was also a time to say good-bye to the old place, and as Marie Kondo would say, thank it for its service.