Carpe Diem 2020 Planner

As I mentioned earlier, I received a cute sticker sheet from The Cherry Box and I wanted to use it my new 2020 planner. Here’s a quick video about planners!

Getting ready for the next year reminds me of getting ready for the new school year! Buying fun new supplies and getting organized for a successful year ahead. I love it.

Carpe Diem Planners

I have used Carpe Diem planners for about 3 years now. I find the A5 to be a great size that fits in my bookbag. They have such fun colors and kits. I like their monthly dividers so I can see each month at a glance. I need to find a year summary page, but until I find one, I’ve made my own.

Here’s some useful links to products I mention in the video …