Craftroom Organizing


Are you feeling overwhelmed when you enter your craft area? Here’s some tips to help think about the problem, and realize your goals.

Many folks want to jump straight into the decorating, but I suggest otherwise. Let’s put a plan together so we avoid re-work and unnecessary expenses.

Getting Started

What is the current layout of your area? The crafts that you like to do should dictate the sections to focus on. Make a list of those categories — sewing, stamping, scrapbooking, photography, etc.

Take measurements of your area. Plan how you will use the space. Make a sketch of the sections. Ikea has a wonderful planning tool for use in their store and online.


Don’t buy containers or shelving until you have a plan. In order to decide what you need, we’ll need to sort your items. Put items into piles into the categories you identified when getting started.

We’ll want to have areas for KEEP, TOSS, and SELL/DONATE. You can quickly sort into sections, then pass over the items again and decide what stays -or- decide as you sort. Try it both ways, just know that it is easy to sort, then go thru those piles to decide.

Once you are sorted, step back and take a look at what sizes of furniture and containers you need. Take a list to store with you.


Consider how your furniture works best for the space. Maybe you need furniture, be sure to get measurements before making any large purchase. Come home and lay down tape or something to help you envision the area. Re-use furniture that you have until you have used the area and know what is missing based on your needs.


Once you have your items sorted, decided what stays, taken a look at the furniture setup, now you are ready to decorate. Use items you love and they inspire you, and bring you joy. Don’t use something that, maybe was a gift, and you should display it but don’t love it.


StepsWhat I Need


what is problem area?
what is your goal?
think about your choices
Getting Startedwhat is current layout?take measurements
plan & sketch out area
Sortingkeep / toss / sell-donatelabel bins, boxes, trash bags
Rearrangewhat furniture can re-use?
any new items needed?
move the furniture in different spots until you love it
Decoratecarpet-rug, curtains, lights, pictures-posters, quotessee magazines and pinterest for ideas, use your favorite colors
client’s craftroom

The picture show above was a craftroom client that was a very busy working mother of 3. She never had time for her craft area, even though she loved to take pictures and scrapbook. She bought products that she loved and they accumulated all around her table. Sound familiar?

We made a plan; she knew she wanted just a small table for scrapbooking. She wanted her tools and stickers close at hand. We sorted the items, paper in a pile, stickers, tools, etc. Once we had the piles, we decided where to place the items. She found shelving for paper, a workbench for shipping her products that included a large pegboard area, and we organized the desk so she can scrapbook. Mission accomplished!