Scan Photos Using Epson FF-680W

We all know it’s important to back up your photos to prevent loss. In my case, I am decluttering this year. And that means these baskets full of old photos must go! So I am using my Epson FF-680W to scan old photos, enhance the images, and upload them to the cloud so I can share them with family and friends. Here’s how!

Decluttering Albums and Photos

This year I have been working hard to digitize our family photos and videos. This includes my scrapbook albums too! See my videos about the 12×12 scrapbook album scanning process here.

Where to Start

Pull together all your old photos. You might also have photos from your parents as we did. I have scrapbooked my children’s lives as they grew up and I’m not sure what I will do with my childhood photos. For now, I’ve decided to scan the images. Some day I can decide if I want to put a book together, or not.

We bought an EPSON FF-680W a few years ago. I’m really happy with it. The software has been easy to use and I love the results of the “restore faded colors”. Just look at the above image that shows the before and after photo scans.

Epson FF-680W


  • 300, 600, and 1200 dots per inch
  • fast (600 dpi takes 3 seconds per photo)
  • saves the original picture, back of the photo, and enhanced version
  • software is easy to use
  • settings include auto enhance, remove red eye, and restore faded colors
  • easy to unjam by opening the front of the scanner

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