Using Evernote for Stamp Sets

Let me show you how easy it is to inventory your stamp sets inside Evernote! Then if you are at a garage sale, you can check what you already own! Or if you need to search for a Happy Birthday stamp, you can find the stamp set for your card!

Go to and download the software. Create an account. It’s free for up to 60 MB of new data per month. Use the free until you find that you need to upload more data monthly. It’s very secure, but if you use it for passwords, I would recommend that you don’t enter the full password, just a hint.

After you have installed Evernote to your computer, simply click on “New Note” to add the name of your stamp set. I like to add an image of the set too. Oh, and it’s nice to have a sample of a card made with the stamp set.

Searching is easy inside Evernote. Enter some criteria such as “happy birthday” and you will find stamp sets that have those words. If the font is not recognizable by Evernote, then I type in the words in the body of the note, under the image. Then it can be found!

And where do I store 168 stamp sets? I like to use dvd storage solutions. A few are listed below!