Garage Organization

I was recently puppy-sitting for our son while they were at the hospital having their baby. I decided to clean out their garage and organize it! I had a lot of energy while I waited! It took just 1.5 hours and they were so happy to have it done! Here’s how I tackled the project.

After the baby shower, stuff was everywhere in the garage. I started by breaking down cardboard boxes. That made a lot of room to work.

Next, I poked my nose into each box and put like boxes together. Some of the boxes were from their old apartments.

Christmas and Fall decor was set aside. Diapers all went on the shelving. I kept one shelf, then one at eye level, open for commonly used tools.

They can’t park the car in there yet but they can find stuff now! They have some items to sell or donate. And they have some boxes of old junk to go through — someday — because they are very busy with their new little boy!