House Organization

Recently, I tackled a home organization project for one of my neighbors. This included the master bedroom closet, the laundry room, and the garage. Below see how this turned out!

It is an honor to come into someone’s home to help them organize. Our homes are personal spaces where it can be difficult to ask for help.

This was a very clean home just a very busy one with small kids and a puppy dog. I spent a little over 10 hours reddin’ up the home. What a difference that uninterrupted time to put items away can make.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help. If you are looking for a Professional Organizer in your area, check out NAPO.NET for folks in your zipcode. An organizer can be that boost that you need to get you back on track!

Master Closet

The laundry was washed just needed put away. There was plenty of room in the master closet and the client had previously gone thru items that were no longer wanted.


She had plenty of hangers so I started by pulling all items on the floor out of the closet. Clothes can be sorted by season, but since she had room for her entire wardrobe, I sorted by style of clothes. Long dresses, short sleeves, long pants, etc. were placed on different racks. The shelves held shoes and another held purses.


Laundry Room

This room seems to be the place where everything coming into the home is dropped. So first thing I did was pull everything out.


I made one place for cleaning supplies and another for laundry supplies. It felt good to clear the counters of items. There were birthday goody bags from recent parties — food was removed and toys were put into the kids’ rooms. Cabinets now contain like items and everything is visible when you open the door.



The garage contains some storage solutions so I made use of them. Again, I put like with like — tools together, gardening supplies, car items, and finally kids’ toys.


Finally, this home did not contain an abundance of items, everything was items that they make use of. Items just needed to be put in a convenient spot for their next use. Notice that everything is visible and easy to get to. Most used items are stored right in the middle and lesser used items (seasonal items) are placed on top of the shelf.