Ikea Table with Alex Drawer Unit

Today, I went to Ikea for a small desk. I replaced the tall black table with a Linnmon white table and Alex drawer unit with drop file. I’m really liking the more open look in the space now!

I previously had the tall kitchen table and 2 bar stools in this spot. I liked the tall table because I could stand and work. But this loft area is only 10 feet by 12 feet. It fit in the area, but as we took it down, the space opened up so much. I decided to find something smaller.

I really like the Linnmon table that I bought right after we moved in. It’s perfect across that open window area. So I decided to get another one, they have a small 39 inch ($13.99), a medium 47 inch ($22.99), and a longer 78 inch ($47.99) version of the Linnmon. Basic legs are $4 each. Alex 5-drawer units ($89.99) can be used instead of legs. I bought the Alex drawer unit with drop file so I can use it for hanging folders ($99.00).

They are 23.5 inches deep — be careful, there’s also ones that are 29.5 deep — wish they called it something different from Linnmon. It’s a very light table and easy to assemble the legs. It comes in a variety of colors too.

Be sure to click on the Customize this combination. This will allow you to create your desk combination and generation a shopping list!