Marie Kondo Introduction

I’m heading off to a scrapbooking weekend and I wanted to make a quick video of my room before I pack. I’ve recently organized while keeping the Marie Kondo method in mind. If you haven’t heard of her, she’s an organizer than believes in thanking your items for their use, and if they no longer bring you joy, it’s ok to part with them.

Links for more information about Marie Kondo …

Here’s links to my helpful videos …

Have fun using items that spark joy! I had these blender brushes in a box, and decided to have easy access on my desk in little adorable little camper!
My collection of cameras, I paired down to just a small variety so I can enjoy them!
My desk area is now inviting and I want to spend time here. Like, I want to quit my job and spend all my time here!
Got rid of junk on the Raskogs so that I have access to items I want to play with. These are on wheels, so I can pull them out when in use.
Desk is clear of clutter and I can start have fun card marking, scrapbooking and now watercolor painting.