Memorabilia Management

Quick video about managing all that memorabilia you have collected over the years!

  • Store trip memorabilia together with the date
  • Shrink school certificates & take photos of kids with their projects
  • Tickets from movies and Broadway shows can be tucked into scrapbook layouts
  • Keep enough to tell the story, but declutter by tossing any extra stuff
Memorabilia is the hardest item to organize in the craftroom!
Love this project storage container. Here’s a link:
Keep trip information pulled together and be sure to include notes from the trip & dates!
Love this container to keep my Playbills — here’s a link:
I’ve started putting the photos, tickets, and Playbill front cover into my scrapbooks!
Do you collect tickets too? I don’t always take a photo of us at the movie, so I keep the tickets.
Put items into the scrapbook so they are were you will see them!
Shrink certificates to 25% of original size and mat them in the kids school pages!