Nuvo Drops

Quick video about storing Nuvo Drops and how to use them!

Nuvo drops are a way to add dimensional details to craft projects. Made by Tonic Studios – Nuvo Drops.

How do you use them? You gently squeeze the liquid out of the bottle, almost like icing, that will self-level and dry to look just like you added an enamel dot. If nothing is coming out, use a pin to open any clog in the nozzle.

Where do you use them? You can apply directly to your project or onto a non-stick craft sheet or glass for future use. Another way to use them is on stencils or to outline something. Add a few dots to a card front or add several dots along an edge of a scrapbook page.

How long do they take to dry? Smaller dots will dry in 3-4 hours, while larger dots should be given overnight to dry. Make them up ahead of time on some wax paper.

What different types of Nuvo Drops are made? There are now several types of Nuvo Drops including Crystal, Stone, Dream, Jewel, Vintage, and Glitter.

How should I store my Nuvo Drops? It is recommended to store the bottles upside down so that the product is ready to use and does not dry out in the nozzle. Store then in a place that is not too warm and away from the sunlight, you don’t want them to dry out. makes a clear storage solution that holds the 1 oz. bottles upside down.

1 oz clear stackable storage container for Nuvo Drops available from

Here’s a link to my video Installing colorful shelving. I ordered the shelves from Amazon, I’ll have a link below, and they were very easy to install. Watch the video for the details!

Gotta love a colorful wall in your craft area!
Use drops directly onto your project or squeeze onto non-stick surface for later