Odds & Ends Organization

Quick video about organizing all those odds & ends in the craftroom.

Some items are easier to organize than others. Odds & ends are very difficult because it’s the small items that don’t go with other items in the room, it’s the one offs or miscellaneous items.

Start by pulling all those odds & ends out of your craftroom area. Decide on the items that you really use. Clear out the clutter. The clutter ruins your creativity. Donate and recycle items that you do not use. You will be glad you did!

Before — pulled out all the baskets to see what I had in them! Let’s do this!
Pulled everything out of the baskets and decided what I wanted to keep!
After — notice that it only took 20 minutes to clean up the odds & ends!
This pile is the do not keep pile — including recycling and donate items!